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Anthropic Claude AI gets ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ fever



Anthropic Claude

Anthropic has injected a new “Golden Gate Bridge” fever into a Claude AI, which made it think and behave like this landmark. This is not a usual scenario for a large language model and Anthropic has tried something new in its research for generative AI.

The concept of the Golden Gate Bridge was published in one of the recent research papers published on Tuesday.


“We found that there’s a specific combination of neurons in Claude’s neural network that activates when it encounters a mention (or a picture) of this most famous San Fransico landmark,” wrote Anthropic.

The company can now identify these new features and corresponding changes in Claude’s behavior. With its new behavior, Claude now mentions Golde Gate Bridge in most of the replies even when it’s not related to the question.


If you ask this Golden Gate Claude how to spend $10, it will recommend using it to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and pay the toll. When you ask it to write a love story, it will tell you the tale of a car that can’t wait to cross its beloved bridge on a foggy day.

Anthropic Claude Golden Gate

Anthropic Claude Golden Gate (Image Source – Reddit)

A question of what it imagines it looks like will tell you that it imagines it looks like the Golden Gate Bridge. This Golden Gate Claude is available for a limited time for all users. You can use Gold Gate Claude on, use it via the Golden Gate logo on the right-hand side.

“Please bear in mind that this is a research demonstration only and that this particular model might behave in some unexpected – even jarring – ways,” said the company.




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