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FordPass app gets a redesign with FordPass 5.0 for iPhones



Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford has released a new update for the FordPass app which brings a major redesign and introduction of FordPass 5.0 with version 5.0.0 for iPhones.

The changelog shows that the app now added fast response and improved stability. It has one-tap vehicle control with no more press-and-hold interactions.


The app now provides quick access to key features for convenient controls. The charge management has been enhanced and upgrades smartwatch features.

Furthermore, owners can access the new remote climate control feature for the Ford F150 Lightning. The design has been refined and will receive more upgrades in the near future.

FordPass App Update 5.0.0. with redesign

FordPass App Update 5.0.0 on App Store

The FordPass redesign update is available to download from the App Store on iOS devices but there’s no confirmation of these changes in Android phones.

App Crash

Users who installed the app update shared their experience on social media site X. It is being said that the new version is flashing a new changelog screen and becomes inaccessible.

However, the scenario was different for another user.


“When I initially opened it at the bottom, it said the Pass app had to be restarted. I clicked OK, then went into it again, and everything was fine” described a user.

The app may have some incompatibility issues with the latest iOS version which should be resolved soon.


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