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SpaceX Starship Test Flight 4 liftoff with 33 Raptor engine



SpaceX Starship Test Flight 4 lifting off

On June 6, 2024, SpaceX launched Starship Integrated Test Flight 4 and marked a liftoff with 33 Raptor engines providing power to send this mega launch vehicle into space. The liftoff happened smoothly without any issues or malfunctions.

This is the fourth time SpaceX has tested a Starship Spacecraft and Super Heavy Booster. The past three missions were launched in April and November 2023 and the third test flight in March 2024. These launches provided important data for the company to improve the rocket design and achieve new milestones.

SpaceX Starship Test Flight 4 33 Raptor Engine Ignition during landing

SpaceX Starship Test Flight 4 33 Raptor Engine Ignition during landing (Source – SpaceX)

The super heavy is used in the first stage and loaded sub-cooled liquid methane and liquid oxygen, which started to fill an hour before the liftoff. During the liftoff, the launch vehicle generated 7,590 tf (16.7 Mlbf). This flight test aims to endure atmospheric reentry for the second stage and land both stages in splash zones.

Before sending the Starship to space, SpaceX had a successful stage separation. The Super Heavy maneuvered its way back to Earth for a successful landing in the sea following a final burn.

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