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Honda N-VAN mini-EV launches for commercial and personal use



Honda N-VAN Mini-EV (electric vehicle)

Japanese automaker Honda announced the new N-VAN e, a commercial and personal-use mini-EV model. This new electric van offers a wide variety of advanced features compared to the gasoline-powered N-VAN.

The N-VAN e brings large cargo space, extended battery capacity, downsized eAxle, and minimized components occupancy for better performance. It offers up to 245 kilometers (152 miles) of driving range on a single charge via WLTC mode. Its charging time approximates 4.5 hours with 6 kW output and around 30 minutes with 50 kW output.


It comes in four variants:

  • e: L4
  • e: FUN
  • e: G
  • e: L2
Honda N-VAN Mini-EV

Honda N-VAN Mini-EV (Source – Honda

L4 is a standard 4-seater for both commercial and personal use. Its battery is equipped under the floor and cargo space is identical to the gasoline version. There is a 7-inch LCD meter with multi-purpose information and two-tone external colors.

Fun model is based on L4 but it has a better outlook. The interior brings a light, natural beige color, and two-tone exterior color. Additionally, customers will get LED headlights and fast charging.


G variant is developed with maximum functionality for commercial users. It is a single-seater designed for one driver and utilizes the passenger side to fit long items. Its interior is increased by 95mm compared to its gasoline sibling and lowered floor height by 120mm.

Honda N-VAN Mini-EV

Honda N-VAN Mini-EV (Source – Honda

The L2 model has a front/rear tandem configuration of seats on the driver’s side. The empty space provides cargo space and ease of loading and unloading.

These new vans offer safety features such as a collision mitigation braking system, throttle control, steering system, adaptive cruise control, auto high beam, and more. Commercial customers will get customized features to manage the fleet at once.


Price and Sale

  • e: L4 priced at 2,699,400 yen ($17,192)
  • e: L4 (with quick charging) priced at 2,809,400 yen ($17,893)
  • e: FUN (with quick charging) priced at 2,919,400 yen ($18,592)
  • e: G priced at 2,439,800 yen ($15,539)
  • e: G (with quick charging) priced at 2,549,800 yen ($16,239)
  • e: L2 priced at 2,549,800 yen ($16,239)
  • e: L2 (with quick charging) priced at 2,659,800 yen ($16,940)

The Honda N-Van mini-EV: G and L2 versions are available for lease-only sales through the Honda Fleet Sales Division and Honda ON. This mini-EV will go on sale on October 10, 2024 in Japan.

(source – Honda)


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