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OpenAI sign deal for Oracle cloud infrastructure



OpenAI Oracle

Oracle and OpenAI have signed a partnership agreement to use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to extend the existing Microsoft Azure AI platform and boost OpenAI’s cloud computing capacity.

Launched in 2016, OCI expanded more than 100 services available in 48 public cloud regions globally and 72 cloud regions managed overall.


OCI is a suite of cloud-based services and solutions that enables businesses to build and run applications in a high-capacity and performance-focused environment. Oracle says this solution costs less than its competitors for enterprise customers.

It brings full-stack enterprise-focused AI and allows customers to choose AI services based on preference. OCI can deliver high performance while providing up to 41 percent cost savings.

OpenAI Oracle

OpenAI Oracle (Image Source – Oracle)

This cost-saving comes from bare metal compute instances that enable customers to run latency-sensitive specialized workloads such as generative AI workloads. That includes large language models (LLMs), computer vision, natural language processing, simulations, and more. Behind the scenes, the architecture uses tens of thousands of GPUs coupled with high-performance cluster networking.

OCI Supercluster can scale up to 64,000 NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs or GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchips connected by ultra-low-latency RDMA cluster networking and a choice of HPC storage to train LLMs.

OCI Supercluster is used by top AI players including Adept, Modal, MosaicML, NVIDIA, Reka, Suno, Together AI, Twelve Labs, xAI, and others.


“We are delighted to be working with Microsoft and Oracle. OCI will extend Azure’s platform and enable OpenAI to continue to scale” said Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI.

(source – Oracle)


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