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SpaceX Starship 5 Launch Date and Objectives



SpaceX Starship Flight 5

SpaceX is preparing for the Starship Test Flight 5 and the success of the third flight has now paved a fast launch date. The company is aiming to achieve new objectives with this mission and here you can learn more about this upcoming flight.

Launched on June 6, Starship 4 cleared liftoff, full-duration engine burn, stage separation, and booster landing in the ocean. On the other hand, Starship flew through space and endured the reentry phase. Following the peak heat, the ship flip-maneuvered and performed a landing on the splash zone.



A major factor in launch delay has been caused by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the past three flights. Each of those missions has caught system or vehicle failure after liftoff. Unlike those, Starship Flight 4 has completed all of the milestones without suffering from any damage.

As a result, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is not conducting a mishap investigation for the fourth mission revealing an email inquiry from X user @sawyermerritt.


“The FAA is not requiring an investigation. The FAA assessed the operation of the SpaceX Starship Flight 4 mission. All flight events for both the Starship vehicle and the Super Heavy booster appear to have occurred within the score of planned and authorized activities” replied FAA.

That means the Starship 5 may not have a big problem getting a fast license for this new test.


Objectives For Flight 5:

The company is looking to perform a launch tower simulation for Super Heavy booster and a targeted landing for Starship with flight 5. Meanwhile, the company could have second-generation heat shields to improve endurance. There have been report that the company would attempt a landing on launch tower but that’s not the case this time.

Launch Date

Starship 5 has been under testing since last month, the company has already static-fired the spacecraft and next, it will perform the same test on the Super Heavy booster.


A few days ago, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the next Starship will be launch-ready within a month. Mixing all this information, we can expect this new ship to fly somewhere in late July. For now, there’s no official announcement made on this matter.


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