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SpaceX aborts Starlink mission at the last-second of liftoff



SpaceX Falcon 9 Mission Abort from a Mission on June 15, 2024

A recent SpaceX Starlink satellite mission suffered a last-second abort which is rare for a company that even sends three rockets to space within a week.

However, this particular case is proven to be different. The company initially announced this mission on June 12 but moved the launch to June 13.


Prior to this attempt, the space rocket firm confirmed 40 percent weather favorability and loaded propellant to liftoff 22 Starlink to low-Earth orbit. The flight later called off due to unfavorable weather and picked June 14 for the next liftoff.

On the launch day, SpaceX completed all pre-flight milestones and broadcasted the mission until the very last second when the engine ignition sequence was about to begin and eventually, it was halted.


“Abort, we have an abort,” said the launch command center during the live stream on X social media.

The launch vehicle is stationed at Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. There’s no reason for the issue that caused this sudden halt and the company has not attempted again with no backup date available.


“Standing down from today’s Falcon 9 launch. A new target launch date will be shared once available” SpaceX shared an update on the mission after the abort.

This mission was 16 for the first stage booster and previous supported major launches including SES-22, HAKUTO-R MISSION 1, and more including 10 Starlink liftoffs.


SpaceX is known for the rapid reusability of the Falcon 9 rocket and already achieved 60 missions in the past week. This is a rare scenario when this mission is delayed more than any previous targeted windows above those 60 launches.


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