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Starship 5 Booster moved to the launch pad for static fire



SpaceX Starship 5 Booster

SpaceX has shared visuals of the Starship 5 Super Heavy Booster moving to the launch pad at Boca Chica Starbase, Texas. This launch site will now see the static fire and other key tests to give before the next flight.

Video shared on social media site X shows the booster in breathtaking views of the Super Heavy rolling through Starfactory on its way to the pad at Starbase on transportation vehicles.


The next phase of testing includes wet dress rehearsal and static fire. Meanwhile, the Starship 5 spacecraft has already conducted the first static fire prior to the fourth flight last month.

Super Heavy is the first stage of the integrated Starship. It equips 33 Raptor engines using sub-cooled liquid methane and liquid oxygen. The booster produces 7,590 tf of thrust on the ground to uplift the entire vehicle to the upper atmosphere.


SpaceX has significantly improved the booster stage over the past four flights. However, the most recent has achieved targeted landing. During flight 3, Super Heavy marked a hot staging but failed to land in the targeted zone. To maintain safety, the company decided to land the booster stage in the sea on a virtual tower and simulate the progress.

SpaceX Starship Booster

SpaceX Starship 5 Booster rolling out to the launch pad at Starbase Texas (Image Source – SpaceX)

With this success and data, the rocket maker is now preparing to land the booster on the launch tower. Since last month, Starbase has been involved in chopstick tests with a dummy booster. It has been closing and opening the tower arms to check their functionality to catch the rocket as it lands on the tower after a landing burn.

SpaceX Starship 5 Booster

SpaceX Starship Booster rolling out to the launch pad at Starbase Texas, Photo on July 9, 2024 (Image Source – SpaceX)

This will be the first time Super Heavy will attempt tower landing and challenge for the mission team. Still, the last test flight has given new data to explore and utilize in the next mission. There are higher chances that the company achieve this milestone in the fifth attempt.

Talking about the launch date, SpaceX may try its next liftoff as soon as early August but a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) license is still pending.


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