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Anthropic Claude Artifacts gets publish, share and remix features



Anthropic Claude Artifacts Publish

Anthropic has officially announced that the new Artifacts feature is now available for Claude users with publish, share, and remix features.

Claude is a large language model chatbot that allows users to ask text questions to generate a reply. You can ask the bot to produce a code snippet, diagram, SVG, and more. Artifacts work as a preview for all these outputs and enable users to check, edit, and build in real-time.


The edit part is more interesting as it lets you make changes without removing the old ones. For example, you can tell Claude to create a character, then background obstacles, follow the entire scene and if satisfied, you can combine them all into a game.

The Artifact window is available alongside the conversation area. The seamless preview helps users focus on the development and add new things rather than checking the output in a separate application.


The feature was launched with Claude 3.5 Sonnet, the latest LLM with fast performance. However, it was introduced as a preview for a collaborative work environment.

The new announcement means Artifacts can be published and shared with other Claude users. That will help them to preview your work in the interface.

Anthropic Claude Artifacts Publish

Anthropic Claude Artifacts Publish (image Source – Anthropic)


After the launch of 3.5 Sonnet, Claude’s community has asked for a “remix” feature enabling users to give a shared artifact a whole new look.

Anthropic Claude Artifacts Remix

Anthropic Claude Artifacts Remix Feature (Image Source – Anthropic)

Although it’s an experimental feature, the company has shared a demo to explain its capability. You might see the following message before redirecting to the example screen, check the box and move forward.

“Artifacts are user-generated experiences like online games and interactive dashboards made on Use discretion when engaging with Artifacts, as they may contain unverified or potentially unsafe content that does not represent Anthropic’s views.”

Note that the feature test will require a Claude account.




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