Starlink launches new standard terminal with kickstand



Starlink recently listed a new satellite internet terminal with a slimmer and more portable design and it also has a kickstand.

According to Starlink, the new terminal is built for residential users and internet services suitable for streaming, video calls, online gaming, and more.

For the time being, the Starlink Standard kit is available only for a small group of customers in the US. Adding to that, the early customers would be the ones who receive invitations for this new Starlink terminal. However, a wider release is also planned soon, confirms the terminal maker.

In terms of the design comparison with the actuated Starlink terminal, the new standard version with a kickstand weighs 3.2 kg, about 400g lighter than the actuated version.

The new version expands to 594mm tall, 383mm wide and it’s 39.7mm thin. The actual version is 513mm tall, 303mm wide, and 34mm thin.

Other than these, the new Starlink kit includes a Gen 3 router with improved range and speed. It has a 10% better field of view compared to the previous generation of Starlink terminal. The standard Starlink has an IP67 waterproof rating and it could still remain functional in 60+ mph wind speed.

With this new inclusion, Starlink now has four versions – Standard, Standard Actuated, High Performance, and Flat High-Performance terminals.

(Starlink Specifications)

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