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xAI Grok AI bot will be featured inside X app




Social media site X will be hosting xAI’s Grok large language model chatbot Grok as a top feature, revealing new information.

App researcher, Nima Owji revealed on X that the X is adding Grok as an in-app feature for the Premium+ subscribers. Owji also shared a screenshot showing how it would look in action.

Grok will be placed inside the left menu bar among the outlined icons but with a special appearance. It appears in the screenshot as a solid black square with a white slash in the center.

Despite its special placement inside the menu bar, the option will work as a regular click-to-open feature. But it does require special access, which could only be acquired with X’s Premium+ subscription.

According to X’s current pricing information, the Premium+ tier monthly plan is priced at $16 and the annual price is $168 with a $24 discount. However, these prices are only for web apps and could increase by about 25 to 30% when you choose to pay over iOS and Android apps.

If a person doesn’t have a Premium+ plan, X will suggest buying the Premium+ tier in order to access the Grok bot.

Embedding Grok right inside the app is a good move for the Elon Musk led social media company, as it will gain attention faster than ever. Initially, Grok is only available for X premium users under an early access beta program.