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Early access of xAI’s Grok rolling out for Premium+ X users




X social media site’s Premium+ users are reporting that xAI’s Grok is now available to access in their account, suggesting that this generative AI bot is now rolling out in public for the web version of the social media site.

You should know that this rollout is still labeled as early access. “Grok is our new enhanced search feature available to Premium+ subscribers,” reminds X.

Grok rolling out X Premium+ Users

Source – X

X is also notifying the users that the early version could provide “factually incorrect information”. This early access version for Premium+ X will use the conversations and responses to debug the future versions of Grok.

There’s an advisory for the users regarding the conversation feature “You are responsible for the conversations you share publically. Use your common sense.”.

How to use:

People with Premium+ tier could access Grok via the slash button on the left bar with a solid black background. Once opened, you can select the regular or fun mode.

You can begin a conversation with Grok by typing on the input bar at the bottom. Specifically, you can ask this AI bot to roast, for the latest news about AI, the latest news around the world, history, and more.


Launched last month, Grok is a new large language AI modeled after Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. xAi, the company behind Grok, said Grok is designed to answer with humor.


Grok AI is based on the Grok-1 AI engine, an autoregressive transformer-based model pre-trained to perform next-token prediction. The early version of the Grok-1 model had less token access, which increased even more with the user feedback.

The training data used for the release version of Grok-1 uses data around the internet up to the third quarter of 2023 and also some of the AI Tutors.

For now, xAI’s Grok is limited to X users in the U.S. and rolling out under X’s Premium+ subscription. Meanwhile, a wider release is still unknown.


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