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Tesla FSD 12 will increase vehicle safety, says CEO



Tesla FSD

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that version 12 of the full self-driving (FSD) system will improve human safety and take it to the next level.

Tesla FSD is an autonomous driving system powered by AI and a Large Language Model (LLM) technology. Since October 2020, Tesla has been testing FSD in beta mode in the US and users are contributing their valuable time and feedback to train its driving model.

While interacting on social media site X, Musk was asked by a user about the safety of Tesla FSD. Soon after, Musk replied to the question that led us to the future FSD release.

He said, supervised FSD is vastly safer than human driving but unsupervised FSD is also trending. Musk then added that FSD Version 12 with end-to-end neural nets will “far exceed human safety” even unsupervised.

Tesla FSD

Supervised and Unsupervised:

In supervised machine learning, the car’s computer simulates like the child. The company is a parent that gives the computer a set of data that has already been labeled, meaning that each piece of data has been assigned to a category.

For example, you might give the computer a set of images of cats and dogs, with each image labeled as either “cat” or “dog.” The computer then learns to associate the features of each image with its label. Once the computer has learned the relationship between the features and the labels, you can give it new images, and it will be able to identify them as cats or dogs.

On the other hand, the unsupervised learning, the computer receives a set of unlabeled data, which means that the data has not been assigned any categories. The computer then tries to find patterns in the data and group them together based on those patterns.

For example, if you give the computer a set of images of cats and dogs, it might group the images of cats and dogs together in their categories based on its own decision.

Market Size Expansion

Back in June, Musk said that version 12 would not be in beta, which suggests that FSD version 12 would be tracked as stable.

Recently, Tesla also listed the user manual of FSD Beta for more markets outside of the U.S. indicating that this autonomous driving system may be preparing for a wider release for Tesla users in the global market.

Last week, analysts from Goldman Sachs predicted that Tesla will benefit from FSD’s future growth. It’s also mentioned that FSD could generate about $50 to $100 billion each year in Tesla’s yearly income after 2030.

For now, Tesla has not announced a specific date to launch FSD v12 but it may be standing under the “launching soon” status.