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Tesla to soon release FSD in China, reports local media



Tesla FSD

Tesla’s full self-driving (FSD) feature may soon be released in China, reveals Chinese media on Thursday.

Chinese auto industry has implied changes in the field of L3 and L4 autonomous driving. It’s being said that the automaker is working on an early release to participate in the market boom for smart cars.

The domestic ministries and commissions recently issued a notice to carry out pilot projects for on-road access of smart connected vehicles. These L3 and L4 level vehicles are ready for mass production and need to be piloted on the road in limited areas before production.

tesla fsd soon china

Image Source – X/Twitter

Adding to this, Tesla has recently published a user manual of Tesla FSD on the official Chinese website. Although, the company later removed the documentation but it clearly showed the car maker’s intention with upcoming projects for the Chinese customers.

Tesla FSD is an autonomous driving technology, that allows users to operate on its own based on the curves of the road, stopping at and passing intersections, turning left and right, and entering and exiting highways.

However, the company also clarifies to the user that FSD doesn’t make the vehicle autonomous and the driver needs to be fully alert and ready to take action while driving.

For now, Tesla has not shared any specific date to release FSD in China.