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Tesla FSD 12 internal rollout begins, confirms Tesla boss



Tesla FSD

It’s been a long time coming and Tesla finally began to rollout FSD 12, as it’s confirmed by Tesla CEO, Elon Musk today on X social media.

According to the information from Notateslaapp, Tesla’s Full Self Driving (FSD) started to rollout internally for Tesla employees. This version has been spotted with Tesla update 2023.38.10.

It also comes after Musk shared an anticipated release date for FSD 12.


The new findings are interesting because FSD 12 is likely to remove “beta” from this autonomous driving technology, which has been under testing for about three years now.

Reacting to this, Musk affirmed the FSD version 12’s internal rollout by replying “Yes” but he didn’t say anything further.

Tesla FSD 12 rollout

On the other hand, there are no details available on the Tesla FSD version 12 changelog. Eventually, it is likely to be a major upgrade in Tesla’s autonomous driving offerings.


The latest public FSD version appeared with Tesla update 2023.27.7 and it is far behind the latest production build. It also suggests that the carmaker has a large list of additions to Tesla users.

Despite limited availability, we could expect Tesla to expand the FSD 12 rollout for more users soon, once it completes all of the pre-rollout tests.

FSD Beta is a driver support feature that can provide steering and braking/acceleration support to the driver under certain operating limitations.


Once applied, FSD attempts to drive to through destination by following curves i the road, stopping at and negotiating intersections, making left and right turns, navigating roundabouts, and entering/exiting highways.

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