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Tesla App 4.27.3 update adds Cybertruck support ahead of tomorrow’s Delivery Event



Tesla Cybertruck Model Tesla App

Tesla has started to rollout a new 4.27.3 app update for Tesla vehicles including a new Cybertruck support. This new development comes as the new Cybertruck will meet the first batch of owners at tomorrow’s delivery event in Texas.

As found by Notateslapp, the new Cybertruck support has been added to the app in the update including a 3D model of the truck that will be used inside to reference the EV model.

Tesla Cybertruck support for Tesla App

Image Source – Tesla App

Surprisingly, the app also revealed “Beast Mode” including a 3D visualization of the entire EV. Previous reference to the feature reveals its relationship with a performance mode in the high-end Cybertruck model.

As revealed inside the app, the Cybertruck will come in three wheel options including an 18-inch with all-season tires and 20-inch with all-terrain. Third comes the “Premium” category of tires but there isn’t any detail available about these premium tires at the moment.

The app also lets us look into the new Cybertruck accessories including the Base Camp and the optional light bar. This includes a solar cover, which can be used to extend the driving range.

After four long years of initial announcement, the Tesla Cybertruck is finally coming in public and people can really buy this thing starting November 30.