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Tesla updates official website with Cybertruck delivery event countdown



Tesla Cybertruck at Bellevue Square

Tesla today updated its website with the countdown page for the Cybertruck delivery event tomorrow November 30. The largest EV maker added a new animated Cybertruck shape and a countdown timer beneath it.

Cybertruck delivery event countdown

Source – Tesla

It seems like Tesla is now in full preparation mode to hand over the first set of Cybertrucks to the owners. According to the attendees’ tickets, the event will be hosted at Tesla RD, Austin Texas, 78728. The event check-in will begin at 1 PM and the keynote will start at 2 PM central.

November 30 will mark four years since the initial announcement and since then the truck production and public release have been delayed due to various reasons.

However, the course of this electric truck began to change this year as Tesla began showing Cybertruck in public. Recently, the EV maker showcased Cybertruck in several Showrooms across the US and North America.