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Grok AI will next launch in Japan after initial public beta in the US




X announced the Grok AI chatbot rollout for its Premium+ subscribers, and we now know the next market for Grok’s launch.

xAI CEO, Elon Musk confirmed after a release for U.S. users, that the AI company will focus on the Grok AI rollout for Japan.

Musk said the current rollout in the US may take “a week or so”. However, a specific launch date for Grok in Japan remains unknown.

Grok is a Large Language Model (LLM) designed and developed by the AI firm, xAI, it was founded by Musk in July of this year.


Last month, xAI officially announced Grok’s early access beta for waitlist users. Later on, X integrated Grok into social media under its “Premium+” subscription, which costs about $16 per month.

Grok Japan launch

Grok generative AI launch in Japan confirmed by xAI CEO, Elon Musk on social media site X (Twitter)

Musk said Grok is currently in beta mode and it may mistake in answers.

“There will be many issues at first, but expect rapid improvements almost every day. Your feedback is much appreciated” Musk wrote on X.

Statista revealed that X/Twitter is serving over 95 million users in the US and Japan comes on the second spot with 67 million users as of January 2023.

Aside from these two markets, the rest of the world will get Grok’s access in 2024.


(source – X)

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