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xAI Grok expands to 47 countries including India and Australia




Social media X announced today that xAI’s Grok AI chatbot is expanding to 48 countries including two large markets India and Australia. You can check the full list of these markets below.

  1. Australia
  2. Bahamas
  3. Barbados
  4. Belize
  5. Botswana
  6. Cameroon
  7. Canada
  8. Dominica
  9. Eswatini
  10. Fiji
  11. Gambia
  12. Ghana
  13. Grenada
  14. Guyana
  15. India
  16. Jamaica
  17. Kenya
  18. Liberia
  19. Malaysia
  20. Malawi
  21. Malta
  22. Mauritius
  23. Namibia
  24. New zealand
  25. Nigeria
  26. Pakistan
  27. Papua new guinea
  28. Philippines
  29. Rwanda
  30. Saint kitts & nevis
  31. Saint lucia
  32. Saint vincent & the grenadines
  33. Samoa
  34. Seychelles
  35. Sierra leone
  36. Singapore
  37. Solomon islands
  38. South sudan
  39. Sri lanka
  40. Tanzania
  41. Tonga
  42. Trinidad & tobago
  43. Tuvalu
  44. Uganda
  45. Vanuatu
  46. Zambia
  47. Zimbabwe

This is the first expansion since its release in last month under the beta testing. However, the road to Grok comes with a price of $16 for the X Premium+ tier.

Grok runs Grok-1 Large Language Model (LLM) system and it was designed and developed by xAI team based on the priciples of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


Users of the X social media can find Grok on the left menu bar on the web and mobile version. However, you can customize the app icon to the bottom bar in the mobile version.



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