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Lead iPhone designer is leaving Apple to work for LoveFrom



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Top iPhone designer is leaving Apple to work with renowned designer Jony Ive at LoveFrom. This departure adds to a list of previous outings from the largest tech firm.

Bloomberg reported that Apple executive Tang Tan will join LoveForm to work on the design of new products. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI is also tapping support for Tang Tan and LoveFrom by providing a software foundation for the designs.

Tan will lead the hardware department for this new project at LoveFrom. Tan is resigning as Apple’s vice president of iPhone and watch product design. However, he will be in service until February, while his responsibilities have already been reassigned to other executives.

On the other hand, Jony Ive is known for his work on various projects under the founder Steve Jobs including iMac, iPhone, and iPad. However, the veteran is now looking to shape an entirely new venture based on AI devices.

However, the work on a new project is still in the early stages. The concept stage projects include home appliances, according to people familiar with this matter.

Talking about Altman, who’s making his efforts for LoveFrom and requested Masayoshi Son, chairman of SoftBank Group to invest billions in investment in this new company.

Meanwhile, Tan’s ousting came after a series of senior Apple executives left the tech firm. Since 2019, around 14 of its former team members at Apple have fleed the firm. Only about a half-dozen designers who once reported to Ive still working at the company.