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Google Bard can now generate AI Images



Google Bard Images

Google today released a new update for its AI chatbot Bard and users can now create images instead of just writing word queries.  “You can create images for work, play, and anything in between with Bard,” wrote Google.

Bard is currently operating as an experimental build and any person with a Google account can access the AI chatbot on the Bard website.

The new create image feature is simple, you just need to ask Bard to “Create an image” followed by the image description.

For example, you can write “Create a vulture looking like an alien”. This will create an AI generated and you can tap on “Generate” to create more of the images similar to that particular output.

Google Bard Images

Google Bard Generating AI Images

The feature will have some restrictions around its usage for explicit and violent images. However, there are no specific details available on this matter.

Google wrote that Bard is available in most of the countries except the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, and the UK. It supports prompts only in English.

Users will have the option to review generated images in your pinned chats, recent chats, and Bard activity. There will be an option to delete your prompts, which will also delete any images generated in the past prompts.

Since Bard is in experiment mode, Google will use the prompt data to improve and develop the program.

Gemini Pro:

Another change in this update is the addition of Gemini Pro Large Language Model (LLM) launching globally in all languages where Bard is available for use. Google says this addition will empower Bard to better understand the conversations, summarizing, reasoning, brainstorming, writing, and planning.

Double Check:

Google is bringing a double-check feature in more support languages for users to evaluate Bard’s response.

Google Bard February 1, 2024 Update (Source - Google)

Google Bard February 1, 2024 Update (Source – Google)