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Apple CEO hypes generative AI features for iOS 18



Apple AI

Apple CEO, Tim Cook said that the company will “break new ground” in generative artificial intelligence (AI) when the company releases new features with iOS 18 this year.

Generative AI has become a hot technology in the industry and more tech companies are adapting this AI tech to mainstream their products. Recently, Samsung also launched its flagship phone – S24 with generative AI features which is garnering popularity among customers.

The latest comment from Cook came during an annual shareholder meeting which denied proposal on the revelation of progress made in AI development and practices.


iOS 18:

Apple is set to release its next major software at this year’s WWDC annual developer conference. This year’s iOS 18 is reportedly bringing new capabilities for the iPhones.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that Apple is working on a wave of new generative AI additions for its upcoming software. Craig Federight, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering has told teams to develop many new AI features for this year’s iOS 18.

Similar reports indicate that Apple continues to add new features to the Siri smart assistant.


Other than the software, Apple will also upgrade this year’s iPhones with a new chipset capable of processing large language models (LLM) technologies. It’s rumored that the new chip is specially designed for efficient AI task execution compared to previous chipsets.

Earlier this month, Cook also anticipated AI developments for the Apple ecosystem. He said that the company will be boasting investment in AI and more information about the work will be revealed later this year.

(source – Bloomberg)


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