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Hundreds of EV chargers coming to Bristol, England



Electric vehicle (EV) charger

Hundreds of electric vehicle (EV) chargers are planned to be installed across Bristol, England starting this summer. These charging stations are planned for car parks, train stations, supermarkets, and residential streets without driveways.

More than 300 EV chargers will be installed in the West of England and 187 of those will go to Bristol. This installation process will be completed through March 2026 with a government-backed fund of £4.9 million ($6.1 million).

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

The latest step is a part to boost EV infrastructure and provide better assistance for electric vehicle buyers.

The rollout plan includes 11 community charging points, 26 destination charging points, and 150 on-street residential charging points. These will cover places such as off-street car parks, train stations, shopping centers, cinemas, hotels, and residential places.

(source – BristolLive)