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Apple should learn some new stuff from this iOS 18 concept video



iOS 18

The Internet is filled with a lot of tech enthusiasts who share their creativity and a new concept video about iOS 18 has creative ideas that Apple should bring to reality.

YouTube channel Concept Central has created a video presentation to hype the upcoming iOS version. It walks you through the new stuff that could might come with iOS 18. To be mentioned, this is an unofficial video.

The iOS 18 concept starts with customizable lock-screen shortcut buttons. The video envisioned adding control center toggles directly to the home screen and changing the sort direction from either “descending” or “ascending”.


New functionality is expected to drive through the dynamic island and it could make the iOS more interactive. Apple has always been adding something fresh to the gallery and an image stack option in the section would help to categorize similar pictures.

Apple already offers three sizes of widgets but there’s a super compact widget shown in the clip with limited details about a certain app.

Split-screen multi-tasking is a dream of iPhone users but this capability is also a part of this new iOS 18 concept, which may be better than Apple’s way.


This year’s iOS release will focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and we see these implications majorly in Camera and the smart assistant Siri. Furthermore, improvements in smart device management would be preferred to control all connected devices.

These changes are just a concept, and the company is preparing iOS 18 as the biggest software update ever revealed by a Bloomberg report. We need to wait until this year’s WWDC to see what is coming next for iPhone users. Check the full iOS 18 concept video below.


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