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Concept Reply brings AI powered test framework for EV charging stations



Car Chargers Electric Vehicle (EV)

Concept Reply, a Reply Group subsidiary for IoT devices, has launched a Test Automation Framework to validate electric vehicle (EV) charging system.

This new framework follows a set of instructions thanks to machine learning to measure the charging station’s reliability, efficiency, and safety by running trained tasks in a controlled virtual environment similar to the real world.

The charging framework equips 360-degree monitoring of all touchpoints connected to the charging system including portals, mobile applications, charging stations, and electric vehicle simulators.

Car Chargers Electric Vehicle (EV)

Car Chargers Electric Vehicle (EV) – Credit: Reply

With AI and Machine learning, the framework can also verify different components and devices in an outdoor condition used in public.

Reply also creates systems that can enable new models of energy such as vehicle-to-home, vehicle-to-grid, microgrid, and energy community management.

This new automated framework is aimed at automakers, electric utility operators, and entities that want to verify the compatibility of charging devices in both public and private spaces as well as various EV models.

It can also verify performance levels including power output, vehicle types, and environmental factors. The frame also debugs problems allowing the operator to ensure quality for the end user.


(source – Reply)

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