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Swedish labor Union calls for a temporary pause in Tesla strike



Tesla Model 3

IF Metall, a Swedish labor union, has decided to call a temporary pause in a strike against electric vehicle maker Tesla in Sweden reveals a media statement on Wednesday.

The largest Swedish union said that its mechanics could fix some Tesla models at independent workshops for the next 10 weeks. This is a new turn in this story as IF Metall has been engaged in this strike since last October which is demanding Tesla to sign a higher standard agreement with Swedish workers.

The strike has halted Tesla’s repair work across Sweden with about 130 mechanics at 10 Tesla repair shops in seven cities. Tesla on the other hand said that the company is already offering its workers better standards.

Over the past few months, the strike has been joined by neighboring countries such as Norway and Denmark. Labor unions in these Nordic markets are expanding support with sympathy strikes.


As a result, dockworkers have stopped routing Tesla shipments toward Sweden but carrying its other businesses as usual.

This new temporary pause in IF Metall’s strike against Tesla will remain in effect until April 30. Tesla owners with issues can fix them via these workshops.

(Source – Bloomberg)


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