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Social media X to launch its own ‘XMail’ owner says



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X, a social media platform previously known as Twitter, could launch its own XMail email service, suggests a response from its owner.

An X engineer and security official named Nate made a post “When are we making XMail?”. In the comment section, Elon Musk wrote “It’s coming”.

Despite a direct reply from Musk himself, there is no clue about the launch of Xmail or its feature.

Gmail is the current dominant force in email services, it’s reportedly used by over 1.5 billion people around the globe. The growth of Gmail is based on its seamless integration into Google’s online service ecosystem.


It is used in Android devices to sync applications, access the Play Store, watch YouTube videos, and use its cloud storage.

Musk has made major changes to X and the future roadmap of the program includes livestreaming, video sharing, and a payment system. Still, creating a new email platform would not be a big deal if he’s directly involved in its development.

We will take it just as a pre-launch leak if anything like this comes into existence.


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