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Generative AI to improve iOS 18 app development: Gurman



iOS 18

Apple will increase generative artificial intelligence (AI) in Apple’s app development tools to support the iOS 18 software version according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

In this week’s Power On, Mark shared that generative AI will accelerate software development both internally and externally. The Cupertino-based company has been testing a large language model with Xcode, an iOS app development tool.

Apple employees are the first to be hands-on with these new changes in Xcode. To be mentioned, the company is ensuring that new AI capabilities also reach global developers.


We’re gradually approaching this year’s WWDC developer conference and it will be the perfect venue to bring Gen AI-powered Xcode for developers worldwide.

Gen AI will help programmers write their code and help them complete lines or even blocks of code with a few strokes and the rest of the code will be observed and completed by Xcode itself.

But the outcome will empower iOS 18 which is preparing a whole bunch of new AI features according to Mark. The new feature will impact its mobile apps, services, and search features.


A report previously revealed that iOS 18 will deeply dive into Large Language Models to improve Siri smart assistant and Spotlight search. Other than these, Apple will contribute these changes to apps such as Apple Music, Keynote, Health, Messages, Numbers, Pages, Shortcuts, and more.

LLM AI technologies are quite popular at the moment and the iPhone 16 will be the first phone to host Apple’s new AI prowess later this year. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook also anticipates the addition of new AI technologies in the software ecosystem during a recent earnings call.

(source – Bloomberg)


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