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iOS 17.4 Beta 4 adds new app installation prompt



ios 17.4

iOS 17.4 Beta 4 has added a new app installation screen that will prompt whenever an iPhone gets an app from the App Store. This new feature is part of Apple’s preparations to release in Europe with iOS 17.4.

Users on X and Reddit share screenshots of this verification prompt and show how iOS now requires users to authorize an app installation on an iPhone.

As shown in the screenshot below, the prompt headline “App Store Would like to install an app, verify the information before installing.”

iOS 17.4 Beta App Installation Prompt

iOS 17.4 Beta 4 Showing App Installation Prompt (Credit: @iSWUpdates/X)

Opening App Ecosystem:

With this upcoming software, Apple will open its closed-source App Store and iOS APIs for European users and developers.

iOS 17.4 will enable app installation from third-party marketplace and developers can add in-app purchases by their payment gateways. NFC is also accessible for financial systems and more.

These new changes are part of the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), which will come into effect in early March. However, the latest move will remain exclusive to European consumers.

Apple on the other hand is not in favor of this new shift in the App Store and warning that these may compromise users’ safety.


Rollout Date:

Not only information, but the new app installation prompt in iOS 17.4 will allow users to know the app store source. Apple has planned to release this new iOS version for all users by next month.

(via – MacRumors)


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