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Microsoft tags partnership with Mistral AI for Azure AI



Microsoft Mistral AI

Microsoft today announced a multi-year partnership with Mistral AI, a generative AI company. Unlike OpenAI which is integrated for Microsoft’s consumer-based product, Mistral AI is used for Azure products.

This partnership will enable Microsoft to use Mistral AI in Azure’s AI infrastructure and deployment of next-gen large language models (LLMs).


Mistral AI will pave the way for Azure AI to develop better solutions and improve its performance for supercomputing infrastructure.

Microsoft Mistral AI

Image Credit: Microsoft

Scale Mistral AI LLM solution to the market with Microsoft customers. Both of these companies will also conduct joint research and development of purpose-specific models for selected customers.

Microsoft first integrated Mistrai 7B into the Azure AI model catalog in November last year. Mistral Large is a general-purpose language model that can provide text-based use cases using reasoning and knowledge capabilities.


It can perform programming and mathematics and process dozens of documents at once. It also supports several languages other than English.

(source – Microsoft)


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