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Apple apparently working on 2nm chip design for iPhone 17 and other devices



Apple Chipset

Apple has started working on a new 2nm chip design for next year’s devices reveals a report regarding Taiwan’s TSMC semiconductor producer.

A Korean website has shared some short updates about chipset node details and design for Qualcomm, Google, AMD, Samsung, and Apple. Unlike other companies, Apple’s section only mentioned: “Apple is working on TSMC 2nm process”.

It also mentioned some terms including TS5nm, TS3nm, working on TS2nm. These indicate at 5nm, 3nm, and the active work on a 2nm chip. The company already has both 5nm and 3nm nodes under its belt and currently developing advanced 3nm nodes for this year’s products.


Previous reports suggest that TSMC’s 2nm process will be deployed in the second half of 2025. It says that Apple will be the first to use TSMC’s 2nm process for iPhone, Mac, iPad, and other devices.

Apple is working on TSMC 2nm chip design

Image Credit: Gamma’s Hardware Information (Korean)

This new chip design will host more transistors at a reduced size but with high performance and lower power consumption.

This chip will utilize new technology based on the GAAFET (Gate-all-around Field-Effect Transistor) instead of traditional FinFET. The current generation of the 3nm Apple chipset brings a 10 percent improved CPU and 20 percent GPU performance improvement.

This new tech would first land with the iPhone 17 series in 2025 followed by M-series chipsets.


(via – Macrumors)

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