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Here’s an explainer of Fisker’s cash crisis



Fisker Ocean

Electric vehicle (EV) maker Fisker has recently reported Q4 2023 results and it has a cash crisis to deal with throughout this year.

Q4 Results:

Fisker’s total revenue for Q4 was $200 million, an increase of $128 million compared to revenue of $71.8 million in Q3 2023. The vehicle deliveries increased by 2,721 units to 3,818 units.

This figure includes a $325 million adjustment related to convertible notes, while the loss from operations was $103.5 million. The company’s gross margin was negative 35 percent and its earnings per share was a loss of $1.23 in the past quarter.


Fisker Ocean production was 4,789 units in Q4, 2023 and the company delivered 3,818 total vehicles. The company produced 10,193 Fisker Oceans and delivered 4,929 vehicles throughout the year.

Doubtful Year

Henrik Fisker, Chief Executive Officer said he has “substantial doubt” about the company’s growth through 2024 and in the following year. He said the current resources are insufficient to meet the company’s requirements for the next months.

It needs more equity or debt financing to support its operations but it also raises concern that the company may not get any of these.


Subsequent Actions:

Fisker said it will have to take extra measures to sustain its operations including a decrease in new production investment, reduce employees by 15 percent, and cut production of Fiker Ocean EV.

The company is also talking to existing noteholders about further investment to support the company. The company is also taking new measures by shifting from company to customer to dealer to customer strategy.

The EV maker said it has received interest from 250 dealers across North America, Canada, and Europe. As of February 2024, the company signed 17 dealer locations between the US and Europe which could expand to 50 in the first quarter and 150 by the end of this year.



Fisker’s current cash crisis is certain but the company needs to rethink its strategy and do more work to collect equity and survive until generating new profit.

(source – Fisker)


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