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Space Week: Third Starship Flight, Rocket Lab Strix-3, FAA Mishap, Blue Origin New Glenn and more



SpaceX Starship Flight 3

Many new developments happened this week in space and things keep on moving, featuring SpaceX’s third Starship test flight, Rocket Lab’s satellite mission, and more.

Starship 3

On March 14, SpaceX launched the third Starship integrated flight test from Starbase Texas. The liftoff took place at 8:25 a.m. and all of its 33 raptor engines ignited for full duration.


After stage separation, the first stage successfully cut off its engines and returned to the splash-down location. After its boost back, its engine failed and scattered into the air before landing.

Starship on the other hand fired its 6 raptor engines and led spacecraft into orbit. This was the first time when SpaceX placed Starship into orbit and demonstrated a few technologies.


That includes successful opening/closing of the payload door and propellant transfer demonstration. However, the company didn’t attempt an in-orbit engine relight.

The spacecraft successfully re-entered Earth’s atmosphere. Later on, the vehicle also occurred with unscheduled rapid disassembly (RUD) and ended the mission. Read more here.


FAA Mishap:

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced to oversee the SpaceX-led mishap investigation for the third Starship launch test. SpaceX will find the root causes of the mission endpoints to improve for the fourth Starship flight test – Read more here.

More Starship Launch:

Elon Musk, Founder and CEO of SpaceX said that the company is aiming for at least 7 Starship launches in 2024. However, it would require a fast license procedure from the FAA.


The company has been developing Starship throughout the past year and has four Starships in reserve. Read these details here.

23 Starlink:

On March 15, 2024, SpaceX deployed 23 Starlink satellites into low-Earth orbit from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The mission was scrubbed two times in the past week. Read the full story here.


Rocket Lab:

On March 12, 2024, Rocket Lab sent Synspective’s Strix-3 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite to low-Earth orbit through an electron rocket.

Synspective, the University of Tokyo developed this satellite, the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Read more about this story here.


Blue Origin:

Last week, Blue Origin wrapped up New Glenn’s first stage back to the integration facility. The company has conducted several tests on the stage to prepare for a launch later this year. Read more here.


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