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Tesla FSD (Supervised) 12.3.4 rolling out now



Tesla FSD

Tesla FSD (Supervised) version 12.3.4 is now rolling out to full self-driving (FSD) subscribers. The update is expected to improve the driving experience when FSD is in control.

This new release is part of the 2024.3.15 software branch and rolling out in batches. It means not all Tesla owners with FSD subscriptions will get it simultaneously.


FSD is a big milestone for the electric vehicle (EV) maker. It has recently entered into a new phase of development with version 12. The system has been upgraded with end-to-end neural network capabilities to improve the model training.

Importantly, the FSD 12 series removes most of the FSD code. Instead, the company is relying on “Supervised” FSD powered by neural nets. It can drive your Tesla to your destination through traffic and change lanes automatically. The vehicle can turn left and right based on the requirements.

Tesla FSD 12.3.4

Tesla FSD 12.3.4

The system can identify on-road objects and pedestrians as well as stop signs to react accordingly.

Testers say FSD Supervised version 12 has made the drive smoother and more human-like. The acceleration and deceleration are also polished in this FSD version.

Despite these advantages, the FSD technology requires a driver to keep an eye on the road and be ready to take control in case of unfortunate maneuvers. Why? Because FSD doesn’t make the vehicle autonomous, at least not now, it needs a human driver to supervise its actions when it makes a wrong move.


Fortunately, FSD Supervised 12 is the most secure FSD version, and not a single incident was reported while the FSD 12 was engaged.

New software build continues to bring bugs and issues that are being resolved with the following over-the-air (OTA) updates. The changelog of FSD 12.3.4 is currently unknown but Tesla has fixed some unusual maneuvers that to be performed accurately.


The new software build will expand to more users in the coming week.


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