New AI M4 Mac devices coming in late 2024



The story of the day is that Apple is preparing to release new AI M4 chipsets for Mac in late 2024 according to a new report. The new move comes as the Macbook maker prepares for new generative AI and AI capabilities in devices.

Bloomberg reports that the new chipset will be used in new Macbooks later this year and new products are planned for early 2025. These planned new products include iMacs, 14-inch MacBook Pros, 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros, and Mac Minis.


AI technologies have become essential to new technologies and a chipset is a key to achieving optimum AI performance. Intel, Qualcomm, and Nvidia are leading this trend in the world of AI at the moment. Specifically, Nvidia has taken the world by its storm of new AI product range.

Image Credit: Apple

The M4 chip will enable the company to introduce new features in its macOS operating system. It could provide an improved user experience for consumers to interact efficiently with software.

It was previously reported that the company is shaping new accessibility features for the macOS version. However, more of these additions are coming with new Mac devices.


M4 processor in particular has three variants including a chipset with the codename “Donan” for low-end models. “Brava” codenamed chips are designed for mid-range specs and “Hidra” chips are designed for top-of-the-line performance models.

The latter chip is designed for the MacBook Pro models. In terms of process, the new chipset is likely to adopt 3nm processing technology from Taiwan’s TSMC.

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