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Some legacy Tesla Model S/X unable to install FSD 12



Tesla FSD Installation Failed Legacy Model

Tesla started to rollout full self-driving (FSD) Supervised version 12 for legacy Model S and X in the U.S. While some of these owners are unable to install the new FSD on their legacy models.

The electric vehicle (EV) maker has released FSD (Supervised) version 12.3.4 to subscribers and the software now covers the legacy Tesla Model S and X along with the Upgraded Tesla Model 3.

The idea behind this new expansion is to deliver the FSD 12 driving capabilities to old and new hardware together. After the FSD 12.3.4 rollout, many FSD testers shared firmware screenshots from their legacy models on social media site X.

Teslascope reports a notable number of users have reported upgrade failure over the last 24 hours. These issues may have something to do with the hardware compatibility and could be resolved with the next rollout.

Tesla FSD Installation Failed Legacy Model

Tesla FSD Installation Failed Legacy Model (Image Credit: X/Twitter)

Also, the majority of the users have reported successful installation. So, only a notable number of Legacy owners may have been facing such an installation issue onboard.

This problem could be resolved with the next version rollout. Until then, you can try again or wait for a new release. Check the thread below to know more about the users who shared their concerns regarding the installation failure.


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