Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous certified in Europe, launching soon



Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous is now certified in Europe and suggests imminent launch. The certification shared by X user @eivissacopter shows that the European auto regulator has added a new Tesla Model 3 variant to the existing Upgraded Tesla Model 3 series.

It mentions the Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous as “M3H Performance”, which might stand for Tesla Model 3 High Performance or Highland Performance.


The certification shows a few more statistics including an optional tow hitch. The hitch would be capable of handling a maximum weight of 500 kilograms horizontal and an additional 25 kg for vertical loads. The tow hitch may be limited to Europe but it’s not certain.

The model is 9mm lower and 4mm longer. The Upgraded Tesla Model 3 is 185 inches long and 82.2 inches wide. The car is 56.7 inches in height and brings 5.4-inch ground clearance. Optimized ground clearance in the new model hints at better support for aerodynamics.


Previous information shows that the company will use a 79kWh LG Chem battery pack in this European Ludicrous version. On the other hand, it could ramp up that battery capacity in the U.S. at up to 82kWh.

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous (Performance) certification in Europe (Image Credit: @eivissacopter/X)

Here’s what we know so far

This model comes with several new changes over the upgraded Tesla Model 3. The design has subtle details including the front splitter. The company has improved the braking system with high-performance red brake calipers.

This car will equipped with bucket seats to enable a stable and steady driving experience while accelerating. It has performance wheels with aero inserts. The rear spoiler has been optimized in length alongside the diffusers.


Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous (Performance) in Red Paint (Image Credit: @BooDev/X)

This upcoming model signifies Ludicrous branding in the back of the car and on the seats. Earlier this month, Tesla held a briefing for media and YouTubers to showcase this unreleased in advance. The briefing was led by Franz Von Holzhausen, Tesla’s Chief designer.

For now, Tesla has not shared a launch date for the Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous.

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