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Gilmour Space delays Eris 1 test flight due to pending launch permit



Gilmour Space's Eris Rocket is vertical on Bowen Orbital Spaceport, in Queensland Australia prepared to launch next month

Gilmour Space says the Eris 1 rocket test flight has been delayed due to pending Space Agency approval and a 30-day mandatory notification period. Therefore, its current estimated launch on May 4th may not be possible since there’s no launch permit approved.

A week ago, Gilmour Space targeted a launch for no earlier than May 4. The private space player also confirmed that a launch permit is pending from the Australian Space Agency. The current perspective on this mission suggests that the launch permit could come anytime by next month but it depends on the procedure followed by the country’s space agency.


Gilmour’s first Eris rocket is now standing vertically on the launch at the Orbital Spaceport in Queensland Australia. The company received its first orbital launch facility license under the Space (launch and returns) Act 2018.

Gilmour Space Bown Orbital Spaceport in North Queensland

Gilmour Space Bown Orbital Spaceport in North Queensland (Image Credit: Gilmour Space)


Eris is a three-stage rocket, its first stage has a 2-meter diameter, the second stage has a 1.5-meter diameter, and the payload fairings have a 1.2 or 1.5-meter diameter. The launch vehicle will deliver up to 305 kg to low earth orbit. The vehicle uses a hybrid rocket engine, which generates 110 kN thrust in a test fire.




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