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Gilmour Space to launch first Australian-made orbital rocket next month



Gilmour Space's Eris Rocket is vertical on Bowen Orbital Spaceport, in Queensland Australia prepared to launch next month
Gilmour Space's Eris Rocket is vertical on Bowen Orbital Spaceport, in Queensland Australia (Image Credit: Gilmour Space)

Space launch company Gilmour Space has announced that the first Australian-made orbital rocket test flight is planned for next month.

The company announced this information on Thursday and shared visuals of its Eris orbital launch vehicle. The rocket is now vertical on the launch pad. The first test flight is targeted no earlier than May 4, 2024.

However, the company said it has pending approval including the launching permit by the Australian Space Agency.

Eris is a three-stage orbital launch vehicle with an orbital payload capacity of up to 305 kg to low-earth orbit. It is 25 meters tall and up to 2 meters wide including the first stage.


Last month, Gilmour Space received permission for the first Australian orbital launch facility license under the Space Act 2018. This Bowen Orbital Spaceport is located within the Abbot Point State Development Area in north Queensland.

The company has also secured approval from the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water to enable operations of the spaceport at Abbot Point.

Earlier this year, the company raised 55 million Australian dollars in a Series D round of funding to support this maiden flight. This could be a major milestone for Australian space industry but we’ll have to wait to see how the first test launch goes.



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