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BYD Shark Pickup truck teaser shows design and wheel size



BYD Shark Teaser

Chinese automaker BYD will soon launch the BYD Shark pickup truck and today shared new teaser images of this new vehicle revealing key details. BYD is posing this new model to compete against Ford and the appearance hints at such competition status.


It equips six-spoke alloy wheels with a two-tone design. The center part of the wheel is black and the spokes are silver. These types are quite common in BYD vehicles. However, this one is different compared to existing models. There’s a “BYD” logo in the center of the wheel.

This pickup uses Giti Xross HT71 high mileage tires designed for pickup and on-road SUVs. The tire provides a quieter driving experience. Its pattern and block design helps to channel airflow and reduce vibrations. The tire comes in various rim sizes ranging from 17 to 20 inches and 55 to 70 aspect ratio. It appears that BYD Shark will use a 20-inch version.

BYD Shark Teaser

BYD Shark Teaser (Image Credit: BYD)

Side Profile:

Notice that the gates have design enhancements and traditional door handles on the front and rear passenger doors. There is a step bar on the bottom with texture.

BYD Shark Teaser

BYD Shark Teaser (Image Credit: BYD)

Truck Bed:

The pickup truck has a large bed and a hydraulic-powered tailgate. You can also notice the taillights and an LED bar on the tailgate.

BYD Shark Bed

BYD Shark Bed (Image Credit: BYD)

Digital Key:

It supports BYD digital key features. You need to hold an NFC-supported phone to the rearview mirror to lock/unlock the vehicle. You can start your vehicle by placing your phone in the NFC area for a full keyless driving experience.

Release Date:

Aside from teaser images, BYD has not revealed a release date for the Shark pickup truck but it looks promising in terms of performance and driving. This truck will feature dual-mode off-road (DMO) technology for a hybrid experience.

BYD’s current strategy suggests that the vehicle will be available in the global market but its price is not confirmed.


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