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BYD Shark video teaser gives us an exterior sneak peek



BYD Shark

BYD has shared a teaser video for its first pickup truck named BYD Shark and there are a few more things that we get a clear view of in this short teaser.


The front brings a number of new design elements. That includes a wide LED bar covering the front of the truck and wraps around the headlights. There are high and low beams available.

The grille portion of the front carries a huge “BYD” branding and the bumper has a rugged look with towing hooks. The hood carries a conservative feel with refinements similar to the Ford F150-Lightning.


You can follow these design refinements on the side of the vehicle on those front and rear passenger doors. Once again, identical to the F150 Lighting. However, the step bar is something you can differentiate from Ford’s rival electric pickup truck.

BYD Shark Teaser

BYD Shark Teaser (Image Credit: BYD)


There’s a large truck bed with rollbars and a powered tailgate. This truck shown in the video doesn’t have a rollbar compared to the previous image teaser (check below). It may be an additional accessory or an off-road trim. The rear consists of taillights and an LED bar that goes through the tailgate. There’s also a stepping bar on the rear side.

BYD Shark Bed

BYD Shark Bed (Image Credit: BYD)


It has a dual-tone design with the BYD logo in the center with a redesigned brake system for those large wheels. The truck is using Giti Xross HT71 high mileage tires designed for pickups. These tires are made for a quieter experience with a pattern that helps to channel airflow and reduce vibrations. The tire comes in different rim sizes ranging from 17 to 20 inches and 55 to 70 aspect ratio.

DMO – Hybrid

BYD Shark pickup truck will be equipped with a dual-mode off-road (DMO) hybrid platform with technologies including Cell To Chassis (CTC). DMO also consists of a performance chassis, smart electric four-wheel drive, and an off-road powertrain.

Currently, BYD has not shared any details about the price and launch date of this pickup truck but there could be an announcement coming soon.


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