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Anthropic launches Claude AI app for iPhones



Anthropic Claude app

AI company Anthropic introduced the Claude mobile app for iPhones and also launched a Claude Team plan for a robust collaboration between team members.

The iOS app has a simple interface and you can use it for writing content based on a prompt. It can perform analysis of financial reports with screenshots of graphs and statistics.

You can solve complex problems such as getting suggestions from Claude based on the previous data and conditions. The app will let you solve puzzles and find the real answer in any visual scenario. Furthermore, you can just ask the app to scan a screenshot from your gallery and make a recipe.

Other key features of the app will let you resume web chats directly on the iPhone. You can do the same when you leave a chat on your iPhone and access it on the web app. This app is available for free on the App Store for Pro and Team members.

Anthropic Claude app

Anthropic Claude App (image Credit: Anthropic)


Along with this app, Anthropic launched a new team plan, which enables companies to customize Claude’s workspace based on their requirements with extended tools.

Claude Team allows increased usage per user compared to the Pro plan. It brings access to all Claude 3 model families including Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku for a tailored AI experience for different scenarios.

Anthropic has increased the 200,000 context window for Claude team customers to process long documents, complex topic discussions, multi-step conversations, and helping individuals and teams to get a better understanding of their data.

The company is providing admin controls to maintain user access and manage billing. Moreover, Claude Team members will experience priority access during high-traffic periods, early future access, and a fast user experience similar to Claude Pro.

The AI firm has planned to release new collaboration features such as source citing. It will integrate codebase or CRM data repositories and interact with colleagues on AI-generated documents or projects. Claude Team will cost $30 a month including 5 minium seats.


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