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Here are the new pictures and video of Rivian R1T Refresh 



Rivian R1T refresh

Rivian R1T refresh model has appeared in public and someone has shared the pictures of this unreleased model with some interesting upgrades.

The front of the car has the marquee Rivian design including the stadium-style headlights and a wide LED front bar. The frunk is optimized for a slight height adjustment. There are towing hooks on the front bumper.

Rivian R1T refresh

Rivian R1T refresh (Image Credit: @omg_tesla/X)

The video shared online also shows no major differences in the rear side including the taillights and the hidden LED bar on the tailgate.


However,  poster @omg_tesla has found some new improvements in this move including new cameras, fog lights, and a washer added to the front camera underneath the headlights area.

The vehicle was heavily camouflaged to hide its aesthetic changes but these refreshed models continue to appear in new places. Rivian R1T will be refreshed alongside Rivian R1S, these models have new upgrades and optimizations. The launch date for these two remains unknown at the moment.

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