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Rivian brings fast R1T and R1S deliveries to Canada



Rivian R1s

Rivian today announced a new way to order its electric vehicles (EV) in Canada and paced up their deliveries for customers in the country.

The EV company has launched an online inventory page for customers from Canada allowing them to choose an available configuration and review the order.

This web page has a zip code bar, which checks the availability in the area and shows an available number of R1T and R1S models. These available inventories could be delivered in 1-6 weeks, which is way faster than the previous reservation period.

Rivian Canada Configurations for 1-6 week deliveries

Rivian R1T and R1S configurations on Rivian website for Canada (Source – Rivian)

Customers, during order, need to pay a CAD 1,500 deposit which will go toward your purchase total. However, this deposit will be refundable. Some of these variants come with powered tonneau covers. If the vehicle is delivered without a cover, the Rivian service team will reach customers by the fall of 2024 to schedule the installation.

Customers will have options to sort out paint, drive system, battery range, wheel and tires, interior, and Misc.


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