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OpenAI to launch Google Search competitor next week



OpenAI Google

Artificial Intelligence firm OpenAI is planning to launch a new AI-based search product by next week reveals a new report. This could be a major launch from a company as it is engaging in content crawling improvements, a key practice for search engines.

It is reported that the announcement date is not finalized but it could be announced by Monday. However, the date is subject to change based on the company’s plans.


Previous insights on this matter suggest that OpenAI is working on a new product that will offer a web search feature. These new capabilities could directly impact the search giant Google. Also, this announcement would drop a day before Google’s annual software showcase “Google I/O 2024” on Tuesday, May 14.

OpenAI is known for its famous ChatGPT model, which interprets replies to text queries. The new search product is likely to be a direct expansion to ChatGPT and it enables the user to fetch information from the Web including sources.


Over the past two months, OpenAI has developed new features to cite sources crawled from the internet. This could be useful for the search intent and show website URLs similar to Google search. Despite the latest reports, OpenAI has already tried to become a search provider earlier this year. At that time, it developed a plugin, which was retired in April.

ChatGPT has been a major success for the AI company and led to mass industry-wide AI adoption. However, this new launch is a bit complicated but could be exciting, we’ll have to see what OpenAI has to offer as a Google search competitor.




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