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Tesla shows new Hands-Free Trunk feature (video)



Tesla Hands-Free Trunk

Tesla today shared a video showcasing the new Hands-Free Trunk feature, which automatically opens the trunk when you step behind the door.

The feature is super useful and released with the Spring 2024 features update for the Tesla Model S/X (2021+) and Upgraded Model 3. To use this feature you first need to enable the Hands-Free Trunk from:

  • Settings
  • Locks
  • Hands-Free Trunk

You need to make sure that the phone has “Nearby Interaction” for the Tesla app. You will also need to verify this setting by opening the app, going to Phone Key, and then tapping Upgrade.

Once enabled, you can stand behind the trunk with a phone key unobstructed. The car will chime and release the rear trunk gradually. This helps the user to get a hands-free trunk opening experience when both hands are loaded.

The video shows a complicated scenario and how simple it could get for the Tesla owners. The feature requires the latest Tesla app version 4.31.0 or above and the iPhone 11 or above model. The company has also announced the launch of this capability for Android phones.


As a gentle reminder, the Hands-Free Trunk feature is part of the Tesla Spring 2024 software update and rolling out in waves.


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