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Tesla owners with old firmware now receiving Free FSD trial



Tesla FSD

Tesla has started the Full Self Driving (FSD) trial for owners with an older firmware version. The company enabled this 30-day trial to provide users with an opportunity to test FSD capabilities.

In late March, Tesla began to rollout the FSD Supervised trial and confirmed the trial date via email. Owners in North America loaded with software branch 2024.8.9 receive the latest software version 2024.14.5.

The software changelog suggests the update contains an FSD (Supervised) trial. There are user reports on X that they were previously stuck on an older version of FSD and haven’t received the trial firmware in March.

Tesla FSD Supervised can drive your Tesla almost anywhere. It will make lane changes, select forks to follow your navigation route, navigate around other vehicles and objects, and make left and right turns.

Tesla FSD trial

Tesla FSD 30-day trial rollout email (image source: X/Twitter)

Vehicles that started the 30-day trial in late March already completed the FSD trial by the end of April. Therefore, the new trial starting this month will continue trials throughout May.

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