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Tesla Model 3 Performance (Ludicrous) delivery nears In US



New Tesla Model 3 Performance

Tesla has started distributing VINs for the new Model 3 Performance (Ludicrous) electric vehicle (EV) to the first batch of customers with near delivery dates.

Last month, Tesla launched the new Model 3 Performance featuring changes in front and rear fascias, diffuser, and carbon fiber spoiler. These upgrades improve aerodynamics and optimize performance.

It equips new forged wheels for better traction control in corner exits with optimized range and comfort. The car will provide a performance braking system including large brake rotors, calipers, and brake pads.

New improvements provide a 5 percent drag reduction, 36 percent lift reduction, and 55 percent front-to-rear lift balance. This EV has improved the comfort and steady ride with new sports seats, which keep the driver in place.

Upgraded Tesla Model 3

Upgraded Tesla Model 3 (image credit: Tesla

The car looks sleek with similarities to the 2024 Tesla Model 3 but distinguished itself including new changes.


Some customers have received their VINs and exact date of delivery, in some cases, the delivery date is confirmed for May 17, 2024. While some customers are estimated to take delivery between May and June.


In the meantime, the delivery estimate notification suggests customers complete their pre-delivery tasks. Early deliveries for the new model are fast compared to the previous release. This reflects fast production and assembly time.

Tesla has been testing this model for almost 3 months in public and that time, the EV maker might have been preparing for the production to meet the demand.

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