xAI to launch a major Grok update next month



Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm xAI has announced a major update for the Grok large language model (LLM) coming somewhere next month.

Elon Musk, Founder of xAI said that the next major upgrade to Grok coming in around 39 days, which means it may arrive somewhere in June. There are no details available on the major part of this Grok update.


This announcement comes as the rollout for Grok 1.5 is still pending. This model brings improved reasoning capabilities, context reasoning, and new improvements. The model has achieved increased performance compared to Grok version 1 and other competitors.

Grok-1.5 can process long contexts of up to 128k tokens within its context window. This will enable the model an increase memory capacity of up to 16 times the previous context length. This update will enable longer and more complex prompts while maintaining instruction-following capabilities as its context window expands.


Grok is currently available for X premium and premium+ subscribers. However, the latest version is not available for users in the meantime. It was previously reported that the version is open for testing for a few early users.

The update may also be the next phase of the development as an aim to compete against OpenAI, which has just released the ChatGPT-4o model. This new version comes with improvements and features real-time audio and video conversation with the model.

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