Apple CarPlay gets new accessibility features



Apple has announced a new series of accessibility features for its in-car system CarPlay, which will help the visually impaired, hearing issues, and colorblind people.

These new capabilities include:

  • Voice Control
  • Color Filters
  • South Recognitions

Voice control will help users use and control on-screen apps with their voice and navigate through them to access features without requiring physical interaction.

The Sound Recognition feature will let drivers or passengers with hearing issues enable car horns and siren alerts. This will help them to stay updated on the traffic on the road and in any emergency.

A new color filter in CarPlay will help colorblind people ease the visual experience and make the onscreen content visible. It includes a suite of settings for text style and size.


Apple CarPlay Accessibility Features (Image Source – Apple)

According to the iPhone maker, these new capabilities for CarPlay are likely to rollout later this year.


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